how to sell and not feel sleazy

There are common reasons why 20% of businesses fail in their first year and 60% go bust within 3. One of those reasons is because people don’t know how to sell, or thick have some belief system around sales that leads them not to sell.

I want to create a shift, so let me ask you;

What do you think of when you think about sales?

Some feel pushy!

Most people I speak to see sales as sleazy and sometimes manipulative.

This belief can come from our experience of car salesman, door 2 door salespeople and even religion.

But is it really 100% true and how can we shift it so we can crush it in sales?​

If you are in business you MUST be able to sell.

Sell, your products, your vision, your team on new ideas, yourself.

I want you to consider that we are always selling something and we are all in the business of sales, even people not in business.

If that feels a bit uck!

Let me share with you a different way to look at it and this perspective from a mentor of mine completely flipped my view of sales.

it also made me a lot more money, helped my business grow, and improve my intimate relationship as well as my relationships with my family.

You can watch it by clicking the video below.